Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Orphan Works Tops the Agenda of new Coalition of Visual Creative Associations

For the first time ever, a diverse group of representatives from associations of photographers, stock archives, graphic designers, illustrators and educators, met to discuss pressing business topics. This group of organizations represents more than 100,000 image professionals.

The 18 associations represented were:

Association of Photographers (AOP) (UK)
Advertising Photographers of America (APA)
American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP)
American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP)
British Association of Picture Libraries & Agencies (BAPLA)
Coordination of European Agencies Press Stock Heritage (CEPIC)
Editorial Photographers (EP)
North American Nature Photography Assoc. (NANPA)
National Press Photographers Assoc (NPPA)
Picture Archive Council of America (PACA)
Professional Photographers of America (PPA)
Society for Photographic Education (SPE)
Stock Artists Alliance (SAA)
White House News Photographers Assoc. (WHNPA)
Art Directors Club (ADC)
American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
Graphic Artists Guild (GAG)
Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS)

Throughout the daylong meeting in New York City on October 31st, presentations were made by industry experts on subjects that are the most pertinent to the industry. Discussions centered on emerging industry tools that affect the memberships of all the groups and included metadata technical standards, image registry and on the robust protection of artist’s rights via copyright education. European associations who joined in this historic summit provided an international perspective.

The meeting took at tone of urgency when the focus turned to Orphan Works legislation, which is still pending in Congress. In order to raise the consciousness of lawmakers, their membership and the public, the associations agreed to work together to continue to inform and educate on this important matter.

The group consensus was there was a great benefit to working together to attain common goals. The day was so productive that the attendees agreed unanimously to continue meeting on a regular basis either by teleconference or in person.

As a result of the day’s dialogue, an ad hoc coalition was formed to provide greater communication and cooperation between the associations. Two working committees were established to address the issues of Orphan Works and image registries. In addition, ongoing mechanisms were created for prompt and efficient exchanges of information between the associations.

The leadership of ASPP and PACA initiated this historic meeting, which was hosted by the Society of Illustrators. For additional information about the day’s events and topics of discussion please contact the meeting’s facilitator, Joe LaCugna at jlacugna@comcast.net.